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If you are interested in old computer technology, especially the PDP-11 from Digital Equipment Corporation, in short "DEC", I would like to invite you on a tour along my vintage Digital PDP-11 computer systems. In the future, I hope these pages will become a source of information on the hardware presented here, right down to the jumper settings of the boards with clear pictures of them. Of course there will be pictures of all the devices and of the complete systems.
Due to room restrictions (recognizable by many collectors), I have these systems at this moment:

  • PDP-11/05   PDP-11/10   PDP-11/20   PDP-11/35   PDP-11/45   PDP-11/55   PDP-11/70
  • PDP-11/24   PDP-11/34C   PDP-11/44   PDP-11/60   PDP-11/84   PDP-11/94
(very "blinkenlight" consoles)
(moderate exciting consoles)
  • PDP-11/03   µPDP-11/23   PDP-11/23 PLUS   µPDP-11/53   µPDP-11/73  µPDP-11/93
  • DECstation 2100   DECstation 3100
  • VAXserver 3100   µVAX-II   microVAX 3800   4000VLC
  • VAX-11/750
  • VAX4000-200   VAX4000-500
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These pages are written to give a bit more feeling for technology advances in the past 30 years, or should I say: more respect for the early machines. Also, for the lucky ones among us who own such a system, I hope to give information on installation and configuration, diagnostics, etc. although this is restricted to the documentation and systems I have. Suggestions, questions and remarks are welcome. I hope you enjoy this site!

I am not perfect, so there could be errors in my texts and drawings. Especially, double check the positions of the location of boards in a backplane; use another site or ask!  I do not take any responsibility for the information presented on this site.

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