Just as the PDP-11/34, the PDP-11/04 was also available with a standard simple so-called "operator's console" and with the more elaborate "programmer's console".
The PDP-11/04 system with the operator's console is in a BA11-L box, its height is 5.25". The box has a power supply and the 9-slot processor backplane. More room is not available in that box. The PDP-11/04 system with the programmer's console is in a BA11-K box, its height is 10.5". The box has a power supply in the rear (heavy!) and in the box is room for the 9-slot processor backplane and two other backplanes, one 9-slot and one 4-slot backplane.

PDP-11/04 operator's console
PDP-11/04 with operator's console

PDP-11/04 programmer's console
PDP-11/04 with programmer's console


The following diagnostics are available for the PDP-11/04 processor.

«-»     GKAA(x)    11/04 CPU Test
«-»     GKAB(x)    11/04 TRAP Test

The (x) represents the revision level.

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